Windows Movie Maker

Movie Maker Editing Tutorial on YouTube
Info on Microsoft Website about Movie Maker
Download for Windows Movie Maker 2.6

(compatible with Vista and Windows 7)  Windows 7 comes with another version called Windows Live Movie Maker.  It doesn’t offer as many features as the previous versions of Movie Maker.  You can uninstall the Live Movie Maker version and download Windows Movie Make 2.6 with the link above.

Any Video Converter – free download

Install this to download YouTube videos.  Also converts format so that you can use it with Movie Maker

Free Play Music

Free Background Music for Download

Sources for Free Video clips

(may need to use a video converter to download and/or change format to avi or wmv)

You Tube
School Tube
InfoOhio Digital Video Collection
Neo’s Clip Archive
Archive’s Moving Images Library
Kahn Academy
Have Fun with History