Video for Instruction

Websites for viewing and posting video:

You Tube

School Tube

Teacher Tube 




Offers the ability to create a FREE classroom page where you can post pictures and videos.  You can make the site private so that only those you designated via email address can access the site.  Others can download the pictures/videos for free or purchase pictures. 

Online Video Editors

You Tube



Windows MovieMaker

Download Windows MovieMaker 2.6

For Windows Vista and Windows 7; Windows XP & earlier will already have MovieMaker installed. 

Using Windows MovieMaker to create green screen/blue screen (chroma key) 

Websites with Ideas & Resources for Using & Creating Video in the Classroom

Beth Newingham’s Third Grade 


Classroom Video:  Tools and Strategies to Engage Students in Learning (online ebook)


Lights, Camera . . . Engagement!  Three Great Tools for Classroom Video! 


Choose Your Own Adventure Videos:  Tutorial


Classroom Video Projects 


Classroom Ideas for Flip Cameras


Scroll down to bottom of the page for links to video examples.  There is also a PDF file “More Ideas for Using Flip Video Cameras in the Classroom”.