Meet Symbaloo!

Whenever I teach, I learn something new.

Today I facilitated a Smart Board and Common Core workshop for my friends at Munson Elementary in Chardon Ohio.  A few of the teachers there introduced me to this wonderful online bookmarking utility that can be customized to save your favorite website links.  It’s called Symbaloo.

It’s like Pinterest meets the favorites list in your browser!

On your Symbaloo page, you can easily create graphic buttons called tiles that link to your favorite websites.  These tiles can be dragged around to group them visually on the page.  Additional tabbed pages called “webmixes” can also be created.  It is so much easier (and more fun) than navigating through my browser’s favorites list.  The layout appeals to me more than other online bookmarking sites such as Delicious or PortaPortal.

A huge advantage is being able to access your favorite website bookmarks on any computer by visiting your Symbaloo page.  An iPhone app is also available, which makes your bookmarks readily available on your iPhone or iPad.  I checked it out on my iPad and it works great!

It’s complete free to join and set up an account.  The interface is very user friendly and easy to learn.  In a few clicks, you’ll be off and running!  Honestly, I have been playing on my new Symbaloo page all evening.  It’s so much fun and I’m sure that I’ll use it regularly.

Here’s an introductory video to learn more about Symbaloo:

Click here to visit Symbaloo!  Open your free account and get started!


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