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Creating Video in the Classroom

I just finished teaching two of my classes related to creating video for use in the classroom.  The first class, Creating Video for Instruction, focuses on filming with handheld video cameras, such as the Flip,then using simple editing software to create a video. The other class, Using Windows Movie Maker to Create Instructional Video, explores how to use free Movie Maker software to piece together video clips (either filmed originally or found on the internet) with still pictures, and music, and words to create the custom video needed for a topic.

I am always blown away by the creativity of the participants in these classes.  It’s great to see the variety of videos created.  Everyone seems very surprised that video can be created so easily and pleased with the professional look of the final result.

Time usually allows me to teach these courses only during the summer.  But now I think that I’m going to try hard to fit at least one of these classes into the Winter-Spring schedule.

In the meantime, check out the class links above for resources to help you get started!

Please let me know with a comment if you make videos with your students or if you’re interested in learning more.

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