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Using a Smart Document Camera!

I just loved using my Smart Document Camera with my Smart Board when I taught first grade.  After asking my principal to purchase one for two years, I bought one myself for half price on Ebay. It was so convenient to  instantly show a book or a worksheet right up on the Smart Board for all to see and be able to take a picture of it and write.  My kids would beg me to “put the book on the Smart Board” when I read a picture book aloud to them.   They liked being able to see the pictures enlarged on the Smart Board.  They loved to use it during “Show and Tell” when sharing those small items that were hard for the whole class to see.

By the end of that school year, the principal purchased three for the building to share.  Really, every classroom needs one.  A document camera makes it easy bridge using non-techie resources like books, paper, and manipulatives with with technology.  If you don’t have one, you might want to put this on your wish list.

Do you have a Document Camera?  Please comment about how you like using it in your classroom.

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