Windows 7 and Your SMART Board

Windows 7 doesn’t always play well with SMART Boards.  There are features in Windows 7 designed to facilitate the use of a Touchpad that conflicts with SMART software.

This video shows where and how to turn off conflicting features that will help your SMART board work better.


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CCSS Resources on Read Tennessee

Read Tennessee is a website designed to support CCSS instruction in grades pre-k through three.  There are a lot of CCSS resources on this site for teachers, families, and the community.  Watch this video to find what you need quickly.

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Common Core Videos on!

Discover how to find videos related to specific CCSS at your grade level on

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Building the Machine: A Documentary about the CCSS

Anyone who cares about the changes in our education system will find the information in this documentary about the Common Core State Standards interesting.  Hopefully, it will spark some dialogue.  It’s just over 39 minutes long.